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Cotswold Way app features

This app provides a detailed guide for people walking the Cotswold Way. Use it to plan your route and accommodation in advance and also day-to-day as you walk the route.

Main Menu
Road Map

When planning you can:
  • View the route overlayed on Google Maps Satellite view or Road Map view.
  • Display the locations of essential facilities on top of the map, including hotels, hostels, B&Bs, campsites, restaurants, pubs, shops, transport links, etc.
  • Display information about each facility, including links to the appropriate website for detailed information. So you can find the best accommodation options and link straight to their websites for contact details and booking.
  • Display the locations of other points of interest, including prominent hills and historic sites. Further information and links to websites are presented where appropriate.
  • Display detailed information about the distance of each day's walk, including height ascended and descended. You can also pick any 2 points on the route and display the distance between them.
  • Choice of miles or Km.
  • Customise the segments of the route so that each day's walk is tailored for the distance you want to walk and the places you want to stay.
  • Create and save your own favourite places on or close to the route, for example if you find accommodation that's not listed in the app itself.
Where to Stay
Where to Stay

When you come to walk the route, in addition to everything listed above, the app uses GPS positioning to allow you to:
  • Display your current position on the map of the route.
  • Pick any point on the route and display the distance to it from your current position.
Segment Distances
Distance Details

You can also keep a diary as you walk the route:
  • Your diary entries are tagged with the date, time and your GPS position.
  • You can display your diary entries overlayed on the map of the route.
  • You can send individual diary entries to your friends by email or SMS.
  • You can also send your whole diary as an attachment to an email.

How to Buy the app!

Please go to the Google Play Store and search for 'calton hill'.
Calton Hill's Cotswold Way app costs only £1.99

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